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Drove up to Talgarth to the Mid-Wales Asylum. I was quite shocked with the scale of the area. Lucky for me, I only got shots in one building due to my battery dying. The whole atmosphere was quite surreal; there were a few 2009 calendars around, old mail, sweaters on hooks, mugs on tables, but the place was torn to shreds - this place echoed Chernobyl. I just couldn't fathom how all this happened in a year.

Unfortunately, today involved a decent amount of dirty work: walking barefoot on glass with a broken toe, laying on paint/mold/fungai/godknowswhatelse, the reprecussions of yesterday's shoot leaving me with a strained hamstring and a stiff back, being in a building with vermiculite insulation covering the floor, and a nasty cut on my leg from...something. My jaw is still functional, so I'm pretty sure I'm good. I've probably used up enough water in my shower to save the entirety of Africa from thirst.

I may head off to Mumbles tomorrow depending on the weather, but I may sleep in and give myself a recovery day.

The color to me is still a bit puzzling. I wasn't expecting mold to be growing nearly everywhere inside so I had to incorporate it one way or another. I'm reconsidering making it an accent throughout the piece, though it would take away from the navy on the dress which is what I was originally planning to be as the focus. We'll see.

I'm surprisingly happy with the footage today. While I will need to go back due to my lack of filming rather than taking pictures, I have a good 45% filmed.


I've officially given up on the idea of control during this shoot. Headed out after it had been raining for the past six hours just to have the sun come out right as I got to my location. I'm not too happy with the rapeseed, it's difficult to work with since there aren't any rows of any sort. I literally just plucked out an area that I could squeeze into.

Somehow I did manage to get a few minutes of decent footage, but I'll be re-shooting most of it. It's draining to direct yourself when you can't see through the lens. Instead of correcting a shot in five seconds, it takes a good five minutes to film, view, then realign - in addition to working with a certain sized tripod limiting my angles.

This method isn't effective at all especially when you're required to fall over in a scene. Fall, view, fall, view. Luckily the rapeseed provided a fair amount of cushion so I didn't necessarily just collapse to the ground though it knocked the air out of me a couple times. But repeatedly drop over eight times ...not ideal.

If I keep this pace up, I'll be ahead of schedule. More time for editing.


For a current short I'm working on, a third of the footage needed was of a wheat field. Beneficially there's one literally a few yards outside my front door. All went well with the test footage, however everything was harvested during that night. Drove around, no dice. Go figure the same farmer owns all the fields in the area and has a fairly tight schedule this time of year. Murphy's Law much?

There's a (only one) dried rapeseed field nearby, but it's well over four feet tall, and still green at the base which is exactly what I was attempting to steer clear of. The original plan excluded any green from the short, but I may cave this time with the deadline.

I'll assume the next few days will involve immense panic and chaos.



To: quite a few people I know.

What's the deal with these 'not quite scene kids' (ie. doesn't quite have the 'scene' hair, or clown on acid / suicidal make up) all of the sudden getting shit tons of tattoos and piercings to be 'unique'?

Do they need another reason to be more attention whore-ish?

Oh, you look so badass with your monroe and your snake bites with an ungodly large tattoo of a cross on your back (who would have never considered getting any needles near them a year earlier) listening to your reggae and classical music, posting quotes on your facebook that are politically incorrect followed up with, "I. Am. Seeing. Blink 182. Tomorrow. Holy. Shit. Oh. My. God. Oh. mygod." makes me wonder what is happening to humanity.

Stop posting pictures every time you dye your hair, talking about how much you love Megan Fox, and talk about how hawt Solid Snake is (though you couldn't tell me what Metal Gear Solid was).

'Emo' is evolving, into 'special'.

You killed tattoos, you killed piercings, you're close to killing industrial, you ALMOST killed air guitar....I suggest throwing all of these guys on an island with a boombox, and my little pony dolls then we'll have a much more progressive nation.

I'm gonna go eat a whole tube of Ritz crackers now.